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Welcome to official web site of Noakhali Zila Parishad (www.zpnoakhali.org). The local government institutions in the District Council is the oldest and favorite institution. District Council of its revenue in the sense of balance in development projects, roads, bridges, Pool / culverts / repairing, and income generating projects have been implemented. Besides education, culture, social welfare, economic welfare, public health, public works, etc. are functions. Pratinthana long as the administration of the district of Noakhali District Council to participate in social activities through the development and providing services to the district basike. This web site inserting data / information to gain knowledge about the activities of the broad masses of the Zila Parishad will expect. Noakhali Zila Parishad web site also aims to enhance the modernization and welcomes your thoughtful comments and recommendations received.

                                                                                                                                                  Zila Parishad, Noakhali.